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Tumbad is resting at the bank of Jagbudi river as if a small baby sleeping silently in its mothers arms.From Khed this Jagbudi river flows through Tumbad and finally meets the sea at Dabhol.Green mountains, swinging coconut trees, yellow farms, flowing river all this natural beauties has been showered on Tumbad.

In year 1987 the famous novel ‘Tumbad che khot’ was published from Tumbad. Many famous authors as Vinda Karandikar,N.S. Inamdar, Subhash Avchat were present at the ceremony. In his speech shri. Na. said…”I myself realized the perfect place for my novel which I was in search for was none other than Tumbad. I am not able to explain why I felt so as no author can explain it.But my Tumbad and the Tumbad in novel has no similarity instead of geographical conditions.Their was always a minute thought deep in my mind for last 24 years while communicating with Bablya sheth”.
Many authors as from Madhav Manohar to Vishwas Patil, Madhu Mangesh Karnik have visited Tumbad. A full-moon night is very necessary to feel the real beauty of Tumbad. The stars shining in the sky and their reflection in the flowing river observed while sailing in a boat creates a great pleasure in once mind.The konkan railway leaving Aanjani station and entering the tunnel in its light arises the memory of ‘Pakija’.Tumbad is just a sweet dream of nature.

As soon as we enter the yard of house we realize the whole life of house truly lies in the yard itself.The surrounding dark shadows of trees, cool breeze, light fragrance of flowers,the soft sound of riped mango falling from tree all this natural atmosphere creates freshness in our minds.This mango trees are also named after the mythology Mahabharata. At one side five Pandavas and the other side Karna standing alone and Bruhaspati ahead of him.

From Banana, Pineapple to Bamboo trees surrounds the house and the sun rays making their way through this dense greenery energizes your body and mind. Varities of flowers and the birds flying freely in sky plays a vital role in increasing the beauty of Tumbad.The Jagbudi river proves its name during rainy season by getting vital where-as through out the year it flows silently. The dawn of Tumbad is pure, morning is cheering,evening is pleasant and the night is mysterious.

In the early morning at dawn we awake from our deep sleep by the cheering birds and while walking under open sky the atmosphere is covered with fog and our mind gets unconscious of all its thoughts. Tumbad goes deep in our mind and all the memories of Tumbad lasts for our life.